Something about me

I’m Oksana.

22-year old Ukrainian girl from the annexed Crimea (Sevastopol).

I’m 2-nd-year student of «History» at Ukrainian Catholic University.

I have unfinished Bachelors Degree Programs in speciality «Law» (3 years), « Language and literature: Ukrainian, English» (1 year).

My topics of interests were Criminal law, Civil Law and Intellectual property rights. And I’m always interested in Human rights, especially now when my fundamental rights to education and to housing were broken by Russian Federation. I was disappointed in the law, including international, because of the impossibility of effective assistance of the international community to restore the integrity of a sovereign state Ukraine.

IMG_0206 IMG_2146
So now I am deeply interesting in historical area, because I want to research the reasons why Western and Eastern Ukraine are mentally divided for dozens years because of planned policy of Soviet unioin and it’s followers in our government. That’s why we have different heroes and historical views, learn different history at school and know I’m trying to seek the truth.


I’m also interested in history of the law and state, urban history, spatial history, revitalization of public spaces, sustainable infrastructure (especially cycling), local government, cycling advocacy.

IMG_64871911, nr.21

I had volunteered for 6th Veloforum cycling congress  and 7th International Short Film Festival WIZ-ART.


I’m punctual, responsible and creative person.

I like to take pictures, shooting videos, drawing, singing songs, watching movies and go to the modern theatres.


I used to be actress of crowd scenes in TV series and films.


But my real mania is bicycle! My grandpa liked cycling, my dad and my ma do like it, and so do I ! =)


10489712_829545580389352_5505558425196528634_n  IMG_0015

That’s why I have become a head of the NGO «Lviv association of cyclists».


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