The First English Club meeting

At our first English club meeting we had to know something really interesting about our English native-speaker professors.

Sean had told us about his work for insuarense software company in USA, which seemed to him so boring. We also had known that he studied Japaneese and Medieval History. In January he got his black belt in martial arts. He likes to write fiction, book reviews and posts to his blog. He had never follow football. He likes hiking and climbing in rocky mountains of the National park. He likes opera, therefore he visited the Lviv Opera. Moreover he likes films (The Star Wars trilogy and american action movies). What he really likes about Lviv – is the sense of history in the city center, furthemore he likes people here and that after the USA everything is seems quiet cheap.

Robert is professor of theology from Michigan and he has courses about US Fullbrait and Philosophy at UCU. He likes Ukrainian people and food (golubtsi, varenyky). His grandmother was from Slovakia. He can read both French and German. He feed jiraffees with his granddaughter in the zoo. He fond of folk and liturgical music. He had been to Italy, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and Spain. In Lviv he likes to travel through the downtown streets. He had his undergraduate degree in History. Moreover he teached a son of professor Grytsak. He likes to read novels of Dostoevskiy and mysteries, as “Girl in the green sweater”. He supposed that UCU is more religious than others catholical universities in Europe.

Andrew was the teacher at the primary school. Furthermore he taught English for refuggees . He had some of his British friends in Kyiv.He can speak Russian a little. He likes to spend his free time playing socker, playing guitar, reading books, watching hictorical films and drinking dark beer. He visited almost every country in Europe, he’d been to Africa.


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