Shauna Tonkin: Сommunication and Teamwork Skills

Shauna Tonkin, Director of Education for the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor, was the guest-speaker of the 3rd English Club meeting.

She came from Hawaii and showed us the landscape of extinct volcano Diamond Head.

Then she showed us the picture of operation tower  and told us about her work for learning center at the Pacific Aviation Museum.

 Shauna said that they allow people let into helicopter and organizate different interesting activities for children and teenagers. for example teach them riveting.

She showed us the picture of Boeing N2S-3 Stearman – yellow biplan, which cabs are without cover, and explain that it’s colour means that this plane is trainer and other pilots in the sky must be careful near it)

Shauna told us about attack on Pearl Harbor, which was on 7th of December in 1941.  The US battleships were lined up near the base, that’s why Japaneese planes attacked and damaged them one to another. Now there is USS Arizona Memorial is resting place for of 1,102 killed sailors. The oil is still leaking from sunken battleship.

Then Shauna showed us the picture of the Hawaiians favorite shoes – slippers/sandals/flip-flops and told that children are always forget them at school and could come home barefit =)

She told us about Hawaiian cuisine.

Spam musubi – a snack with meat Spam and rice, wrapped with dried seaweed.

Loco moco -rice with hamburger and fried egg.

Lomilomi salmon, sweet potatoes, pineapple, papaya, mango.

Then we had been playing game with a ball to be able working together. We were divided for groups according to colours: red, green, yellow, blue. Within groups we had to choose the most difficult things in learning English and think over the most interesting place we have ever  been.

These games were intended for improve our dynamic team work.

Shauna summed up with call to continue the promotion of our Ukrainian cultural values such as independence, loyalty and hospitality.


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