Rocky Mountain High

At our 6th English Club meeting we were talking about hiking in the mountains, gathering mushrooms and other ways to get relax in the nature.

I’d like to tell that I like hiking. With my parents we travel around all Southern Coast of Crimea since I was 4: climbing Ai-Petri, Kush-Kaya and Mangup with my father, hiking in The Great Canyon of Crimea, descending into the Kizil-Koba cave with my mother.


However, the most of all I like our calm trip to Peredovoye (Crimea, Ukraine). It takes 40 minutes to take there by bus from Sevastopol.


This is the piece of nature  untouched by human hand.


These fields and forests glow with the pristine harmony and serenity.


Riverbanks are covered with mint and melissa.


In abandoned gardens near the river sing delicious prunes.


In the woods, after the gathering of ripe dogwood, you can relax by the river with fried sausages and kebabs .


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