How to Play Mafia

To play Mafia there have to be at least five people playing. One of them should be Narrator

Playing Mafia with cards, narrator gives cards for each character:



Mafia is King,

Mayor is Ace,

Doctor is Jack,

and  Villagers, 2-10.

For every 4 people playing there is one more mafia in.

Players couldn’t tell others their role or show card. People that die stay dead and keep silent. Everyone has to close/open their eyes when prompted.

After that Narrator tells people in the Town when to sleep and has to explain how a person died.  Each round Narrator says: “Everyone go to sleep, Mafia wake up, who would you like to kill (The Mafias would point to who they wanted to kill and they have to agree), Mafia go to sleep, Doctor wake up, who would you like to save (They point), Doctor go to sleep, Mayor wake up, who would you like to accuse (the narrator gives a thumbs up or down), Mayor go to sleep, Everyone wake up, (narrator tells funny way someone died), Is this who you all would like to hang?”

Mafia: Your job is to kill everyone and not get caught, you win if the Villagers to Mafia ratio is 1:1

Doctor: Picks someone each round to be invincible

Mayor: Try and figure out who the mafia is by picking someone

Trial: Half of the people have to agree on killing the person, who is suspected to be mafia.

Tips and tricks: Listening to people while you are asleep is not good for accusing but it is better to add more reasons to hang someone. Mafia should kill everyone that they think is cheating first (It makes it 10 times better). Doctor should try and figure out who is on the hit list, Mayor should do the same.











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