Meeting Loyola Marymount University Students

meeting with a group of students from Loyola Marymount University from Los Angeles, California.

One of them, Whitney, 3rd year Sociology student, told us about her experience as surf-trainer. She started surfing at age of 4. Her favourite kind of surfing is long-boarding, because it’s slower and similar to the peaceful meditation with friendly people. However, it could be dangerous too, because of the sharks near the LA coast.

Other student, Sam, is from California, wants to obtain doctor’s degree in theology and biology. Her favourite colour is green. She has 6 brothers and sisters. She’d been to Mexico, Salvador.

Tess is from state Washington. She likes playing american football. She is studying Spanish language and literature. She is fan of healthy food with low quantity of butter and sugar. Moreover, she likes biking with her dad. She had been to Spain and Argentina for 1 semester. In Ukraine she likes cheese, borsch. In Lviv he enjoy the fact that girls are not afraid to be without make up. She likes watching James Bond movies, comedies, playing videogames.

Victor Antonio Labarthe studying film production. He finds Lviv really romantic city and likes delicious Ukrainian food. He travelled around America. He had been to Chili, Bolivia, Brazil. His favourite football club is Barcelona. He has 2 younger brothers. He likes The Godfather movie about loyalty to the family.

Kellen is from California. He studies theology, because he likes to be a part of the church. He plays football, basketball. His favourite kinds of music are RnB, hip-hop.  He likes to dance.


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