Drama club (14th of February)

Previous time I forgot to present our marvellous mr. Jarrod, who everytime comes up with different interesting activities  for us so that we could develop our speaking and acting skills. He come from Australia with his wife Tetyana, who is a teacher of Ukrainian language.

This time we were having fun while reading the adaption of “Chicken Little” by John Trent

We had been changing our roles several times, therefore I’d managed to be Chicken little, Little kid and Young girl.

I’d been trying my best to improvise with the song on the melody of “While Strolling Through the Park“, crooning:

“I was walking through the park one day, in the merry, merry month of May.”

What I’d really like about this play, that it’s a try to make children be consctientious about human environmental influence in a playful way : “is the sky falling or is it global warming?”

And what I like the most about Drama clubs – the droll and laughable way Mr. Jarrod read his lines!  That time he was reading for Old Ladyб trying to represent the voice of an old woman.



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