Drama Club (28th of February)

This Drama club mr. Jarrod began with speculations about new warm season, which came to Lviv with last melted snow. We were supposed to think about the oddest motives for our favourite activities. I chose cycling, and no one guessed that I love it because I do not like pedestrians on the cycling lanes.

Then we had improvisations. Me with Romania were two surgeons, who had to find best way to operate the pacient, while playing table-tennis. There were 4 obligatory words to use in our sketch: refrigerator, curtain rod, cake and art-exhibition. I’m not goo at improvisations, because I can’t tell a lies  without embaressment. Therefore during the sketch I forgot to tell that our “pacient”, who was crushed by a refrigerator, when he was trying to get a drink, had been at art-exhibition. Nevertheless, we managed to be good at playing in imaginative ping-pong while we had been “acting”.

Further, we were reading the play “Close encounters of the undead kind” by Jeffrey Harr . It was full of extraordinary piers within a Youth Support Group (The support group from hell), like Wolfgang (werewolf), Vladimir (vampire), Jackie (Batman), Lucy (Zombie girl) etc. I read for Wolfgang, a teen-boy with absurdly crazy beard.

I do love members of our drama club and the way they are reading scripts, especially psychology- students. One girl has good acting skills and English-prononcuation insomuch that I feel like as if I am in a real play!



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