Drama Club (7th of March)

This time mr.Jarrod began with discussion about unusual experiences we had in recent times. One girl said that she was robbed in “marshrutka”. The robber in the crush of the 3A-bus  pulled the purse out of the front pocket of her backpack. Another girl had similarly lost her iPhone. Fortunately I was never robbed, but last year pickpocket stole my mom’s wallet.


Then we had another interesting activity. We had been playing a game, in which each of us should keep the rythm, by clapping our hands and saying numbers, which everyone of us had in the order we set. In the end of the third round of this game madness began. Everyone, who lose the rythm had to represent elephant, washing machine or rabbit. I was the third one who lose, therefore I chose to be a rabbit.

Then we had been reading “If The Shoe Fits – A Cinderella Story”.  I was EVIL STEPMONSTER (Cinderella’s stepmother)


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