Drama Club (14th of March)

This time at Drama club we had stared with playing a game, in which, one-by-one, we should  “create”  the imaginative object in our hands and to propose it for person next to us. I had made a microwave-oven to help student in Kollegium to have delicious meal right at there room whenever they want and without queues at the kitchen on the floor.

Then we had improvisations and I felt more confident than previous time. Me, Jumaima and other girl (sorry for not mentioning her name, I didn’t see her before) got the sketch about bad behaviour at school. I acted a teacher, who invited mother of daughter to talk about her inappropriat conduct all week long.

There was so much fun and we laughed a lot!  However, as always! =)

In the end we had continued reading play “If The Shoe Fits – A Cinderella Story”, but I didn’t have chance to read for EVIL STEPMONSTER because we had run out of time.



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