Drama Club (28th of March)

Before the start, mr Jarrod had taken an action and changed the time on the clock in the room. (On previous Sunday Ukraine changed the time and nobody did it with clock on the wall in the class 405: the typical Ukrainian attitude towards everything is waiting for someone else to do something, except for themselves)

This time we had an activity to improve our trust to each one within the group. We were divided into “blind” persons and theirs guides, who had to lead them by given instructions between obstacles made of chairs. It supposed to be a “race”, but I didn’t manage to find my way =( Because, when you stay blindfolded even for 5 minutes you totally lose orientation in space!!

We had been reading and, finally, trying to act “The Chicken Little” play in groups of 5. Next time we should learn by heart our roles to improve our speaking and acting skills.




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